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Litigation is not just an art; it can be an expensive art with far-reaching consequences. At Makower Abbate Guerra Wegner Vollmer PLLC, we do not litigate as a knee-jerk reaction, but only do so when necessary. We pride ourselves on securing favorable results as quickly as possible, and will work tirelessly to achieve our client’s goals.

How We Can Help

To avoid unprofitable litigation, the Firm has developed a unique method for collection of unpaid assessments which is designed to analyze whether litigation would present a high probability of collection, and steer those cases presenting a low probability of collection to other means besides litigation (such as foreclosure by advertisement).

When litigation becomes a necessity, either as a sword or a shield, your interests are best represented by Makower Abbate Guerra Wegner Vollmer PLLC, which recognizes that litigation is most effective when it is swift and decisive.

The Firm strives to bring clients the biggest reward for their litigation dollar, all while recognizing that no verdict is a success if it drains the client’s resources and energy. We carry on this philosophy and zealously deliver our clients litigation services at low cost without cutting corners.

From assessment collection and restriction enforcement, to construction defects, to developer and contractor disputes, you can expect your litigation needs to be met at Makower Abbate Guerra Wegner Vollmer PLLC with sensitivity, candor and an eye towards results. We recommend you seek the Firm’s legal counsel whenever you are considering the potential of litigation or when you have been served with legal documents.


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