Hoarding – Understanding and Successfully Addressing the Problem

Mon Mar 05 2018

By The Attorneys at Makower Abbate Guerra Wegner Vollmer

It's a condition that affects between three and five percent of all Americans, both men and women. With an aging baby boomer generation, experts predict that the problem is only going to get worse. It’s called hoarding and for condominium associations, particularly those with attached units, it can be very expensive and difficult to confront. For instance, in one particularly egregious case in New York City, an association spent ... read more

Bankruptcy – What Every Condominium Association Must Know

Fri Dec 01 2017

By Stephen M. Guerra, Esq.* and John L. Finkelmann, Esq.*

Delinquent assessments are unfortunately a frequent and practically universal problem for condominium associations. The collection of delinquent assessments is essential to the viability of any condominium association; however, these collection efforts can become problematic when a co-owner files for bankruptcy. This Article will address the two common types of consumer bankruptcies filed by co-owners, those being Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, as ... read more

Assessments are the means by which all associations operate, and assessments provide the necessary income to maintain and enhance a community's assets to protect and maximize unit values. When assessment levels get too high, the very assessments that are essential to sustain a condominium community may very well end up hurting the market values the association is seeking to increase and protect.

Indeed, in addition to unit types, ... read more

When people think of Michigan's No-Fault Insurance Act ('Act'), their mind is likely drawn to thoughts of a roadside automobile accident. But what if an automobile damages subdivision common areas or condominium common elements? Under State law, drivers are required to carry insurance for injury to or destruction of other's property resulting from an accident caused by their vehicle. This insurance is intended to benefit third-party property ... read more

Member requests to review and inspect an association’s records and books are a fairly typical occurrence and should not be a reason to panic, but such requests should be dealt with in a prompt and orderly fashion for reasons explained in this article. Some members are just generally interested in the ongoing management and administration of the association and want to keep a closer eye on the details. Unfortunately, in other cases, you ... read more

Make Sure Your Enforcement Charges are Collectible

Thu Aug 03 2017

By Stephen M. Guerra

In the course of running a Condominium Association, various charges may be provided by the Condominium Documents to be assessed against or posted to the accounts of co-owners who are either delinquent or in violation of other provisions of the Condominium Documents. These charges are variously referred to as interest, late, fees, fines and attorney’s fees. Many times we find that due to procedural errors, or because the lack of ... read more

Every person desires to have a safe and secure place to call home regardless of whether you live in an attached condominium, site condominium or subdivision. Choosing a home in a low crime area helps to ease worries of safety and security; however, crime occurs in all neighborhoods. High quality video security systems are readily available and may help to give owners an added sense of safety and security. Modern systems even enable an owner ... read more