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Community Association Institute

The Community Association Institute is a trusted source of information for community associations that provides education and information for owners, board members, managers, attorneys, accountants, reserve specialists, vendors and all others who live in or work with condominium, homeowners, or property-owner associations.

Community Association Institute – Michigan Chapter

The Michigan chapter of the Community Associations Institute.

The Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act

The complete text, in searchable form.

Business Entity Search

This site from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs allows you to search for records of corporations, limited liability companies, and limited
partnerships. You can use this site to verify who the Resident Agent is for your
Association or view Articles of Incorporation or Annual Reports.

State Bar of Michigan Website

The official site of the State Bar of Michigan, this includes a member’s directory and a number of resources for non-lawyers.

Michigan Land Title Standards

Compiled by the Land Title Standards Committee of the Real Property Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan, this is a series of concise statements of the law of land titles,
as reflected in statutes and case law. It serves as a handy starting point when
analyzing questions related to title to real property