Don’t Be Disabled by Reasonable Accommodation Requests

Attorney John F. CalvinJohn F. Calvin, Esq

Whether you live in a condominium or a subdivision governed by an association, chances are either you or one or more of the residents living within your community are coping with some form of disability. When the U.S. Census Bureau released its report on Americans with Disabilities in 2010, it estimated that 56.7 million Americans were living with disabilities [1]. Of that number, more than half of the disabled individuals described their disability as severe. Despite those numbers, condominium and homeowner association boards of directors are often unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with a disabled person’s request to make a reasonable accommodation in the association’s rules, policies, practices or services when such an accommodation may be necessary to afford that individual the equal opportunity to use and enjoy their residence.

This article reviews the statutes applicable to condominium and homeowner associations and offers guidance to association boards, managers and attorneys in dealing with requests for accommodations.[2] Continue reading